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In today’s world, the all world is connected by the internet. And everyone can communicate with anyone in just a while. As you all know, it’s very simple today by using the internet you can do anything in one click. Like you can learn anything, communicate with anyone in all over the world and get knowledge what about you want also. So in this article, you will learn about online education and learning. And will know the top 5 online learning websites. From where you can study and learn anything whatever you want.

Why online education is the best way to learn

Millions of student’s go far from their homes for better education. And pay a lot of money for getting the education in the big and reputed institutions all over the world. But if I say that you can get a better education at your home place and even at a very low cost or totally free of cost. Then what is better?. Getting it in abroad by spending a big amount of money or at your home place. Definitely, you will choose the simple and easiest way to get the same education at your home place. So let’s see the top 5 websites which provide quality online education and learning for students all over the world.

Top 5 online education and learning sites

1. edX

online learning site  is the best website which provides the facility of online education and E-learning. It offers free online education and online courses from various well-known universities like Harvard University and MIT and many more all over the world. And the courses are totally free of cost. If you want a degree or course completed certificate. Then only you have to pay a very less amount depends upon the course. You can learn through video lectures, pdf notes. edX offers all subject courses to everyone. You can easily register by visiting site and choose any course to do.

2. Khan Academy

online education website is one of the top best online education and learning website. It is a non-profit educational organization created in 2005 by Salman Khan. It provides various courses like Math, science, computer programming, art history, art, economics and more. It’s associated with institutions like NASA, The Museum of modern art, The California Academy of Sciences and MIT which offers specialized courses. And it is available in many languages. You can visit and signup for online courses. It’s a totally free service.

3. Coursera

online video tutorials, a very useful, an online platform to get the online education and learning through videos and pdf notes. world’s best universities and institutions are associated with Coursera.  By doing a course you can get specialization in any course. And you can get also a degree or diploma certificate after course completion. Video lectures are free but if you want a certificate or degree you have to pay some amount like for a certificate course it will cost between $29 to $99. You can also download and learn through an Android or IOS application.

4. Lynda

technology video tutorials, an online learning educational website. If you are from the technical background and want to learn programming or coding then it is the right place for youYou can learn through video tutorials from individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions. You can try it for business and marketing purpose also. You can use a trial version for 10 to 30 days. After that, you have to pay a monthly subscription charge every month for it.

5. Academicearth

online learning is also one of the best free online education and learning website. It provides the facility to learn inside or outside of the classrooms. You can study here by video lectures and pdf notes. And you can do any course and degree from worlds best universities Associate with You can learn here free of cost.

The advantages of online education and learning

  • Learn whatever you want.
  • Everyone can learn from anywhere in the world. Location doesn’t matter.
  • Free of cost or at very low cost.
  • There are no hard rules to take education and degree.
  • You can easily contact and clear your doubts by online chat forums and discussions.

Online education and learning are the best and easy way to get knowledge about anything from anywhere. And in present, you have no need to go anywhere and waste your money for getting a better education. Learn digitally by using technology and online digital resources. Be smart and save your time and money both by getting an online education from the internet and these websites.

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