Why Does Mobile Phone Blast or Explode & How to Save Your Phone From This Danger

prevent cellphone explosion

Sometimes you have heard in the newspaper or television about mobile blasting or exploding cases. So in this article, I will tell you about why do mobile phones blast or explode. And how to prevent it and save, your phone, battery and yourself from this danger.

While everyone is using Android phones. The incidents of phone blast / explode have become very common these days. Because of these issues like the battery heating up, and explodes. Many brands recalled their products like Samsung note 7.

So apart of this let us see, what are the major causes of Battery heat up and phone blast

Android phones are using Lithium-ion batteries and Li-polymer batteries for a long time. And sometimes It has found that overheating and overcharging can result in the fire or explosions in these batteries.

When you recharge your cellphone’s battery, It is very important to remember and follow the charging and storage instructions. Because If you don’t remember and left your phone on charging for the full night or in the heated area. Sometimes it can result in a short circuit in hardware components and can blast or explode.

The main reasons behind the explosion or blast

  • If cellphone’s battery is cracked and swallowed. It can produce an internal short circuit due to chemical reactions and gases oxygen and hydrogen produces between the electrodes generate a spark and high temperature which caused to explosion or fire.

swallowed battery

  • Overheating by overcharging puts the pressure on hardware components and battery. Which is caused also for a short circuit in the device. Because if battery receiving current more than they can safely handle, It will overheat and maybe a short circuit.
  • If your device or battery is wet. Then it can short circuit and blast. Because of electric and chemical reactions.
  • If your device is in contact with direct sunlight or heat. Then the chances are high to mobile explosion and burning. Due to the high temperature, the chemical reactions and gases will produce inside the battery which can result in a blast.

There are some other reasons behind the cellphone explosions. So remind these things while you are using your cell phone

  • If you are using your phone while charging then heat will generate because of load on the hardware components. And getting too much temperature, it may cause for a short circuit and explosion.
  • If you are using local or cheap mobile phone which has no standard. Then it may blast or burn anytime. Because these devices have not good quality hardware. And cannot handle the pressure and heat in compared to branded cell phones.
  • If you are using a local battery or charger or high voltage fast charger with your mobile phone. Then it may also cause for a short circuit. Due to its internal cheap quality. And if your mobile can’t handle the fast charging and heated up while charging with fast charger then it may be a short circuit or fire.
  • If you are using your phone continuously for many hours like playing a game or watching a movie etc. And if the phone is heating too much then it may cause for short circuit in your device because of overheating.

local battery

So these are the main reasons behind the cell phone explosions. The main cause we can see in all conditions is a short circuit in hardware components, heat and high temperature which is responsible for a short circuit and explosion in mobile phones.

How lithium-ion battery works

Scientifically if you want to understand what happens inside the battery when it’s being charge and discharge. Then you can read this. The battery built up with two electrodes Anode and cathode which have charged negatively and positively respectively. And an electrolyte chemical (a solvent of lithium salt) used between these electrodes which enables the flow of electricity between both electrodes. A separator is used to separate both electrodes to stop chemical reactions between them.

When we charge our mobile phone the lithium ions flow from the cathode to anode through the electrolyte and separator. And during this process energy stored in the battery. And when we use the battery to operate a device it discharges and in this process the lithium-ions moves back toward the cathode from the anode.

In both processes, electrons flow in an outer circuit to complete the process. And flows in the opposite direction of the lithium ions between electrodes.

How to prevent the mobile explosions and be safe

Some of the following preventions which are useful to be safe from mobile explosions:

  • Do not use your phone while it’s charging. Like, don’t play games and use for calling purpose.
  • Use the correct and original charger which is suitable for charging. Don’t use fast charger if your phone can’t manage its charging load and heat up.
  • Check your battery if it is heating up regularly while charging and using your phone. And replace it ASAP. If it is cracked or damaged.
  • Do not use the wet phone. If your phone is wet or dropped in water then do not use until its dry properly.
  • Don’t leave your phone on charging over the full night. Once it has charged, plug it out from the charger. And charge only for certain hours recommended for charging.

phone catching fire


  • Do not put your phone in contact with direct sunlight or heat.
  • If the phone is heating too much while you are using it. Then let it cool down for some time.

Note: Generally nowadays the branded phones using technology that provides safety for the users. But While you are using a mobile phone. These precautions should be reminded For your safety purpose. Because Precaution is better than cure.

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