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Unfortunately, if your phone is stolen or Falls ever. So, first of all, the question comes that, What will you do?. If you do not know, what you have to do? or how to find your lost phone or android device?. Then don’t worry about it. Read the best methods in this article, to find and track your lost or stolen mobile phone easily.

There are three main methods to track and find your lost phone:-

Before discussing the methods, The most important required things to find and locate your lost phone are:

  • Before your mobile turned off, Your device has or had access to the internet.
  • Your device should be connected to your Google account. And you must remember its id and password.
  • In the setting app go to the location, location history and location reporting should be activated.
  • In the security setting, go to device administrator option. And allow find my device to locate your device (by default it turns on). And give the permission to lock and erase your device data Remotely.



  • Your phone should be synced to your Google account.
  • And the last thing, you should know your device IMEI number to block your device.

So let’s see all the methods to find or track your phone:-

1. Locate and Find your lost phone with Google Find My Device or Android Device Manager

Find my device is an inbuilt android application. Which provides the facility to track your Android device. It turns on by default. If it’s not then turned it on. And you can manage its setting to lock and erase your device data remotely. If your device has stolen or dropped somewhere. Then you should immediately take an Android device or a laptop from someone and follow these steps:

  • log in to your google account. Go to the Google account option in the Top right corner and click on it.

  • Scroll down the page you will see find your phone option. Click on it Get started.
  • Select Your device, you want to track.
  • Or similarly, you can type a URL directly into your web browser,
  • Enter your Email id and password of your google account. And click on next.
  • Now on this page, you will see some options Like Ring, locate. And below some steps will be there like, lock your phone, try calling on your phone, sign out on your phone, reach out to your carrier, and consider erasing your device.

Ring your device:-

If you want to ring your device. Even if it was in silent mode. Then you can do this by clicking on the ring option. When you will click on the ring, your device will start ringing immediately. And if you are near the device you can easily hear your device sound and find it.

Locate your Device:-

And if you want to locate your device. You have to click on locate option. Now you can see your Android device location in the Map and track your device easily. And here on this page, you can click on the secure device option to lock your device and sign out from google account. And you can also display a message or phone number on the lock screen.

Erase your Device:-

If you want to erase your all content from the device. Then you can click on Erase Device option which is the last option. It will erase all your data from your android device so that anyone can not misuse your personal and important data from your phone.

If you are an Apple phone user:

Don’t worry, if you are an Apple user. You can install a Find my iPhone app from iTunes store and can track your iPhone. Actually, you don’t need to install this application, because its service is cloud-based. So you only need to a web browser and your login details like Apple id and password. Just visit and log in with your Apple id-password, rest all the process is same.

Important Note:- If you click on the erase device option. Then after your device has been erased. You can’t locate it. So please be careful and decide before clicking on this option. And you can ring or locate your phone only when it will be connected to the internet. Otherwise, you have to wait till its connected to the internet.

2. By using Google map location history or Timeline

If your phone has been turned off and disconnected from the internet connection. Then you can only track your phone’s last location before its turned off and disconnected from the internet. By using google map location history, you can see all the history of the places you have visited in the past. You can check history on daily basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis.

So to check your google map history or timeline history follow the given below steps:-

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • If you already logged in to your google account, then google map location history page will open directly. Otherwise, you have to sign in with your Google id-password in the top right corner of the page.
  • A menu button will be shown on the top left corner of the page. Click on it, you will find your timeline option.

  • Now click on your timeline option and Google map location history will open.
  • Click on Month, year or date on which you want to see your location history.
  • And you can see your last active location history. where your mobile was turned off.

3. Using Third-party apps you can find and track your Android device

You can do the same things as above with third-party apps. The only difference is that here some features will be added. Like secret Audio or video recording of your device, Taking secret pictures from your device camera. And you can control your device remotely with some advanced features. Like Ringing your phone and wipe your all data remotely. You can easily download these applications for Android devices from the Google play store. And from iTunes store for Apple devices. Just install the application in your device by using your user id and password, before it lost. And if you want to locate your device later. Go on the website of that application and login with the details. And you can track and perform actions remotely in your device.

Some popular Third-party applications to find and locate your phone are:-

  1. Cerberus
  2. Lost Android
  3. Prey Anti Theft

Using IMEI number:-

You can check your Device IMEI number, dial code *#06# on your device. Using IMEI number you can not find or locate your phone yourself. You can only contact your service provider to block your phone. So that anyone can not misuse your phone to make calls and send texts. And file a report to your police station to put your phone on surveillance mode with the help of the service provider. If they traced your phone effectively. Then you can hope that you will get back your phone in the future. Otherwise, it’s not possible.


If you want to be secured for future. Then just do some setting activated in your device ASAP. First of all, Go to the security setting. Click on device administrator option and click on it. And Check the box Find my phone. If it’s not checked already. And give all the permissions by clicking on it to track your device.

Go to the location in the setting. And choose High Accuracy by activating it. And activate Google location history to locate your phone in the future.

Sync your device with your google account regularly. Go to Accounts option in settings and click on Google account. Here you can sync your account by clicking on top right corner menu on the page. Click on sync now to sync your device with your Google account. And here you can also manage your Google accounts and devices from security settings.

If you have any questions, suggestions, and method to find your lost mobile phone. Then please let me know.












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