How to Format (Factory reset/Hard reset) Android Phone

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Factory data reset and Hard data reset, Phone formatting:-

Nowadays Mostly android phones are using by everyone. And I see that many people are using android phones. But sometimes, if there is some issue like slow processing, malware or virus attack, hanging problem, and applications misbehaving. They are unable to find out a solution to that problem. And the second situation is when you want to delete all the data permanently from your phone. Because you are selling your phone to another person, returning it to a reseller forgot your pattern lock/screen lock password.

so you need to reset, your android phone. It means you have to erase all your data and files like contacts,messeges, media, and applications. And even all the customization of settings and files. So question is that how to format or reset the android phone. Lets read the methods of Factory reset/hard reset and formatting the android phone.

There are available various methods to format android phone. Like by using some software or applications or Manually also. But we will recommend you only two easy methods in this article. But Before this, it’s very important that you should back up your all the important data. So that you can restore it after formatting completed. And your data will be safe.

Backup your Data before formatting Your Android Phone:-

Backup your data with Google accounts – Actually by google account you can backup only some data like contacts, calendar, wi-fi password, settings on their server. For the rest of the data, you have to use some other Applications and services. So let’s see how to back up some of the data by google account:-

  • Go to settings, Click And Scroll down.
  • Find the Backup and Reset option and click on it.
  • Now check the option Backup my data, If already checked then it’s ok.
  • If you want data automatically restored after formatting then check Automatic Restore option.
  • You need to syncronize your data with your Google account so click on the Backup account option.
  • Add account or select your google account to data backup.IF you have already Google account then click on it. Otherwise, you can make a new one.
  • If you are using an existing Account then click on an existing Account. And enter the user Id and password and click next.
  • Click on agree or ok in terms and conditions page. And proceed to next by Checking essential options.

Now the Google account has been added. To sync the data to your google account go back in settings. And find Accounts option. Here tap on Google And choose your Google account to backup the data. To back up, all the data make sure all the options are checked.

Wait for few minutes, your data will be backed up on the Google server. And you can use anytime this backedup data whenever required.

Backup photos and videos:-

For backup of Your photos and videos. You have to install Google plus apllication. Which provides fifteen plus GB free space to backup your photos and videos data. After installing open Google plus application and choose your Google account.Where you want to save your data and click on okk and next. Find and select the option how would you like to backup your data like over wifi only or wifi and mobile network both. And check the box, backup Existing photos, and videos. Now all your photos and videos willbe backedup automatically on your Google plus account. And don’t worry all your data willbe private untill you make them public.

SMS backup:-

Now for Backup of SMS an application you have to download it named SMS backup plus. You can download it from Googke play store and installed. Open the app and click on okk. Before backup, connect your Gmail account to back up the SMS and then click on Allow access option. And then Click on Backup And wait for some time it will back up your SMS. If you want to automatic backup of your data, you can select the auto backup option. And now the backup process of all your data has completed.

Other methods – You can take backup of your photos, videos, and files By Copying your files on SD card or on any computer by connecting your phone via USB cable.

Now let us Read the first method of Formatting the Android phone via Factory Data Reset Setting:-

Factory Data Reset(Using Setting Menu)

     Backup your data using a google account 
  • Click on Menu And go to settings. Click on Settings and scroll down.
  • Find The Backup & reset option and click on it.
  • Find Factory data reset option and click on it.
  • Before clicking also check that Backup my data And Automatic restore option shouldbe on.
  • Give the confirmation to erase all data, Apps. And click on Reset phone/Reset device.
  • Now you have to enter the pin of your screen lock password. Or if you are using pattern lock then draw your screen lock pattern to proceed And continue.
  • Click on the option Delete all/Erase everything

Now the Formatting is in progress wait for some time. It may take 15 to 20 minutes. After completing the formatting process, your phone willbe restart. And you have to customize your settings.

Note:- In different Android mobiles Some settings And options maybe different but method willbe same As above. So don’t worry, you can easily find the appropriate option in your phone.

Hard Reset/Recovery Mode

This method is used, when you are unable to use your phone or forgot your screen lock password or normally not able to perform factory data reset from the settings menu. Then you can use this method to format your android device. Let us see how to Hard reset the android device:-

wipe and reset factory
  • Power off your android phone.
  • Press and hold The power button and volume up and home button simultaneously for fifteen seconds or until the recovery options will show on the screen. Now release all buttons.
  • In some android phones, you have to press and hold only power button and volume up button simultaneously. Now release all buttons.
  • Now you can see the recovery options on the mobile screen. Scroll down by volume down key.
  • Select Wipe data/factory reset option by pressing the power button.
  • After finishing the process select and click on reboot system now.
  • And your android phone has formatted. It will look like as new phone so you have to set up everything. Now you can backup your data by customizing your settings in your phone easily.
  • And you Can backup your SMS by installing again SMS plus app. And using by restore option from your connected Gmail account.Same as from Google plus and Google account.

Important Note:- Use hard reset method only when.if you remembered your email id and password.By which you were logged into your phone. Otherwise, you can not use or/recover your phone without email id and password. So please give attention.






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