Best Android Apps Useful in Daily Life

best top 10 android apps

Today As you all know that mobile phones are being used much more than desktops and computers. And mobile applications are the fastest and easiest way to do web browsing. With the help of mobile applications, any person can do any task in a very short and easy way.

You can directly launch a mobile application within a few seconds. You do not have to type The URL by opening the web browser. So in this article, I will tell you which are the Best Android Apps useful in your daily life for different purposes. Let’s see:

The Best Android Apps Useful in Daily Life

1. edX Application For Online Education And learning Purpose


online learning app
A most useful educational app which provides the online learning and education. You can watch and read video lectures, tutorials and pdf-notes to learn online. By registering yourself for any courses you can do any diploma or degree affiliated from well-known universities all over the world. Courses are totally free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to do any course. edX offers all subject courses to everyone. Just download it from Google play store free of cost.
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2. AppLock Application To Secure Your Personal Data in Your Phonesecurity app

The best application for Secure your phone from an intruder and unauthorized access. You can lock your phone applications, Pictures, video, contacts, messeges, and all files. And nobody can access your phone. If someone tries to uninstall this application in your phone to access your phone data. He can’t do. It is the most popular App lock application for android users. You can hide its icon on your phone. You can download free this app from Google play store.

3. Cam Scanner To Scan and Share Any Document, in Your Phonescan and share documents

If you want to scan any type of documents like a text file, image, And office document on your phone. Then Cam Scanner is the best application which I recommend to all. It provides the facility to scan any type of document with high resolution and sharing options. It auto-enhance the Image size and its text quality to make the text easily readable for everyone. You can crop, edit, with many filters and save your image in various formats like JPEG, PNG, JPG etc. You can share your scanned document by choosing sharing options like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, And more.

4. SHAREit App To Transfer & Share Your Data And Files Easilydata transfer app

SHAReit is the best data transfer application for all platform like android, windows, and ios. You can share data and files between different devices like phone, tablet, and computers by using direct wifi connections. You can connect up to five devices instantly and can share files and data between them. It allows to send or receive pictures, audio, videos, Apps and documents from one device to another And provides a facility to clone a device. And Makes it able to send or receive its content to another device. It works very fast.

5. App Reminder, Calander and Planner with To Do list facility

reminder app todo list
The best Reminder and to do list planner application for Android devices. Millions of people using android application to stay organized. You can set reminders and plan your day by adding the task to this app. It has 10 Million plus downloads all over the world. You can Download this app from Google play store easily.

6. Walnut App to Manage and Track your expenses, all Bank money manager app

walnut app money manager
Walnut is the best money manager app to manage and track your monthly expenses. You can transfer money to your friend’s bank accounts for free. And check your bank balance online. You can pay your credit card bill and dues. You can take control of your money expense and generate a monthly report of your expenses. Track your monthly ATM withdrawals and transactions with the walnut application.

7. Uber App For A Safe, Convenient and Inexpensive Taxi Service

Uber app

A Very useful application to hire a private taxi service on rent to travel. You can book a cab easily in just a few minutes. And take a ride to your destination safely and easily by using your mobile phone. You have just need to install this application on your smartphone and register in it with some details. Everyone can book a cab on very low cost by clicking on ride now option. It provides 24 x 7 hours service. You can give ratings from 1 to 5 based on your travel experience as your feedback.

8. Truecaller Application for Identify Unknown Phone Numbers and Block Spammers

Truecaller app

TrueCaller is the most commonly used application in smartphones. You can identify unknown phone numbers easily by the name, location and service provider history. And by using this application you can stop and block spam calls and messeges receiving from spammers. Download, it’s free from Google play store.

9. Kaspersky Antivirus for Mobile Phones to Protect Your Phone From Malware and viruses

Antivirus app
Kaspersky is the best antivirus mobile phone application to protect your mobile from malware and virus attacks. You can download it from Google play store and installed on your phone. And scan your device apps and data for viruses and malware. Its free version provides the facility to manual scan. You can use its paid version with real-time protection, Anti-theft protection, and an app locker to protect your device from malware and unauthorized attacks. One good thing is that you can use its premium version for a 30 days free trial.

10. Google Assistant App for Smart search and Assistance over your voice commands

google assistant app
Use this application as your assistant. You have to just open this app and give the commands with your voice and this will search or complete that task for you. You can make quickly call to anyone, send SMS, Play music, Search weather cast, set reminders, Navigate places And click photos by giving voice command simply. This is an interesting way to use your phone without navigating with apps and browsers. It works on your voice command.

So above These are the best-recommended android apps by me. you can use in your daily life. Thank you!



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