Battery Draining fast of Your Android Phone, How To Fix?

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If you are using a smartphone. But after 6 or 8 months of purchase, you are facing a problem of battery draining fast of your Android phone. Then What you will do?. I know some tips you already know but it’s not enough to solve your problem. So in this article, I will tell you all the things that you should do to save the battery from draining fast of your Android phone. And how you can use your mobile last longer.

Just Think if you have an emergency and your phone battery is discharged at the same time. what you will feel? I can surely say that you will feel totally helpless in that situation. So don’t worry, let’s see how to save battery draining fast of your Android phone by doing some easy settings in your mobile phone.

Some Basic Settings You May Know

1. Reduce Th Brightness of Your Phone’s Display

adjust brightness level


There are two simple ways to reduce the brightness of your mobile phone’s display. The first one, you can directly manage the brightness of your phone’s display by pulling down the setting menu directly from the upper side of the display. And easily adjust the brightness of your mobile screen.

The second method, you have to go into the mobile settings application. Find out the Display option and click on it. Now you can easily manage brightness level manually or automatically according to your need.
Keep brightness low while you are not using your phone. Because if you keep it high then it will consume the more battery power.

2. Keep Wifi, GPS, Portable Hotspot And Bluetooth Options Turned off

Turn off the mobile Wifi, GPS, portable hotspot and Bluetooth options while you are not using them. Because these apps consume battery power in the background process if you left them turned on. So turn these applications on whenever you use only. Otherwise turn off these applications to save battery power.

3. Turn Off The Mobile Data Connection

It depends upon you but I recommend that turn-off the mobile data or internet option to save battery power. Because if you are online or your data connection is on then some processes start running in the background which consumes the more battery power. Even if you are not using your phone. So keep data connection is off.

Some Advanced Setting To Save More Battery Power

If you are in that situation when you have important work or need of your phone. And you have no source of charging at that time. Then what to do? let’s see some advanced settings which can help you to save battery power of your phone. whenever you are in trouble.

1. Turn On The Power Saving Mode

activate power saving mode

Turn on the power saving mode to save more battery power. Go into settings and scroll down, Find the Battery option and click on it. Set the battery mode on Power Save mode. It will restrict all the notifications sound, vibration and background processes running in the background to save battery power. It is a useful option to save the battery power of your mobile phone. Settings may vary to other phones settings, Options may be changed so please find out the options to change the settings.

2. Restrict The Background Running Apps

force stop background unuseful running apps

If some applications are running in the background process. These will consume battery power. If you are not using them, You have to stop or restrict these background running applications and processes. To save more battery power.

To check how many applications are running in the background process, Go to settings menu and scroll down, find the Apps option and click on it. You can see the Downloaded, Running and All applications of your Device. Go to running applications list and check how many applications are running in the background.

Click on that application name and press the force stop button to stop or restrict that individual app. while you are not using them. So it will not use the battery power to processing and you can save battery power of your device.

3. Check What Application Consuming More Battery Power And Stop Them

check battery usage percentage with applications

Check Which application is consuming more battery power. Go to Setting menu and find out the battery option by scrolling down. Click on Battery and you can see the list of applications with percentage status which are using the more battery power. And If you found an application, which currently you are not using then you can force stop that particular application by clicking on it to save more battery power.

4. Disable the Animation To Save Battery Power And Make Your Device Faster Than Before

Animation gives a smooth and stylish look to use your phone. While you are switching between apps and navigating your device, It looks pretty and smooth with animation effect.

But this animation effect drains your battery and sometimes cause your device to be slow. To save battery power, disable the Animation effect on your phone.

Go to Settings Menu and scroll down to About Phone option. Find Build Number on this page and click on it seven times.

Enable Android developer tool

Now Android Developer option is on. Click on the back button and go back to the main setting menu.

Disable animation to save battery power

Here you will find Android Developer option. Just click on it And scroll down to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, And Animation Duration Scale. Click on each option and turn it off to save more battery power.

5. Remove Live Wallpaper or Gif Image And Use Simple Image on the Screen Wallpaper

Live wallpaper and Gif image consume more battery power so remove it from screen wallpaper and use a simple and static image on screen wallpaper. It will help to save a little power of your phone battery.

6. Turn Off the Vibration Mode For Incoming calls And Other Notifications

disable the vibration mode to save battery power

When your phone vibrates, A vibrating motor starts working and consumes battery power to complete this task. So if you want to save more battery power then turn vibration option off and other notification tones also. It will help you to save more battery power.

Go to Sound option in Settings menu and Scroll down, Find Vibrate option Vibrate for calls And Vibrate on Touch. Turn off these options.

7. Set Screen Sleep Time Out To Its Minimum

set minimum sleep time out


Set screen sleep time to its minimum range like for 15 seconds. Go to the Display & Lights Option in the Main Settings menu. Scroll down to Sleep option and click on it. Set time limit minimum to sleep the screen light. This will save a little bit power of your battery.

8. Turn On Airplane Mode

turn on airplane mode to restrict background processes

If you are not communicating over the network, and your battery is draining fast then Turn on the Airplane mode on your mobile phone. It restricts the network signals, GSM, Wifi, GPS, And Bluetooth functions to use and access your mobile phone. And you can save more battery power of your phone.

Go to Main Settings menu and click on More option. Here you will find an Airplane Mode option, Just turn it on to save more battery power. Or you can Directly turn on this function from the main screen, Swipe down the menu bar and check here Airplane Mode option. And turn it on directly.

9. Avoid Watching Videos And Playing Heavy Games On Your Mobile

Videos And Heavy Games graphics drain very fast the battery power and heated the device. So Avoid the playing heavy games and watching more videos on your mobile phone. It will save very much battery power of your device.

10. Turn Off The Auto Sync, Auto Backup And Auto Update Options On Your Mobile

By turning off The Auto Sync, Auto Backup And Auto Update Options On Your Mobile, You can save more battery power of your phone. Because these processes start automatically and consume more battery power to its working. So you can manage these settings manually and save your phone’s battery power to be last longer.

You can limit the Automatic notifications of your emails and other Apps like social media to save battery power. And Fetch all the notifications manually.

I think These all are the tips which definitely will help you to save more battery power on your phone. Even if you have an emergency you can save battery power by using all these tips. IF you have some other better tips please let me know.













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